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Why hotel Continental?

  • we are regional - we are not a part of international hotel chain
  • we are praud of historical hotel elements which belongs to Brno history
  • we have quilified staff that will make your stay in Brno more enjoyable
  • we have more than half of the century experience in taking care of guests
  • we have panoramatic view over Brno
  • we have an easy accessible parking in Brno city centre
  • we have variaty buffet breakfast and we prepare for you to have new brand coffee that is roasted directly in Brno
  • we have fresh pastry right from our oven
  • we have a unique Cohiba Club Conti

1964   -   now
1964   -   now
1964   -   now

Our story

Hotel Continental is considered excellent proof of architecture called the Brussel style for its singularity and good state of preservation was in 2010 declared as a cultural monument.

For further idea here are some interesting facts:

Our philosophy:

  • the hotel owners have aimed from the beginning at preserving the original character of the building even in the details all adjustments are carried out sensitively and with respect with the uniqueness of interiors (restaurant, lobby...)and room amenities (reclicas of the original chairs...) and many others.
  • we are convinced that any other investor or owner would not take nearly as much into consideration the historical consequences of Brno and its architecture.
  • we belive that with this feeling our guests enter the hotel - the uniques of the area has it´s own charm.
  • with incorporation of modern technology into the historical portfolio we managed to achieve maximum comfort for our clients without disrupting the unique characteristics of the hotel.

Important numbers:

  • construction 1961-1964 by the architect Zdeněk Řihák.
  • ceremonial handover on Sunday May 3rd 1964 with the participation of Minister of internal trade.
  • final investment costs amounted 27 000 000 CZK.
  • encloused area corespondet to 50.000 m3.
  • 108 double and 120 single rooms.
  • to the 336 beds there was a possibility to add 228 extra beds.
  • to the total capacity of 564 beds there were only 20 parking places available (and 100 infront of the hotel).
  • the height of the building is 51 m.
  • the capacity of the self service restaurant was 150 seats.

The uniqueness of the building:

  • the shape of the building is based on modern designs of the so called international style, or the post-war functionalism. The author took inspiration in creations of the most prominent architects of the time Le Corbusier, Miese van der Rohe and others, interior is designed in the brussels style.
  • the building charakterised by a number of structural and material specifics. The use of 2 types of panel aluminium housing, separation of the restaurant from the residential areas, japanese garden, making it one of the significant czechoslovakian realizations of the second half of the 20th century.
  • spiral beam was piled of slats 2x2 cm gradully bent, equally bent were also the metal elements of organic spiral staircase, forming a dominating feature of the generous entrance hall.
  • one of the most beautiful brussels style interiors in the Czech republic.
  • typical are the motives of triangles not only in a tree-arm layout, but in the details which can be found throughout the building as well.
  • the hotel is characterised by the use of natural materials, especially wood, natural stone and the marble.
  • clear and colored glass complements the overall impression.
  • high pressure airconditioning technology for heating and ventilation used for the first time in the Czech republic.
  • unique three arm layout means all rooms enjoy with a lot of sunlight
  • unique concept and the unity of modern architectural design created a land mark of the Brno
  • on the birth place of the sculptor and stonemason Adolf Loose (1829–1879).
  • the birth place of the famous architect (one of the pioneers of modern architecture) Adolf Loose (1870–1933), among others the author of the Müller Vila in Prague and Manifesto the Ornament and Crime.


  • Hotel has similar architectural characteristics as the world herritage centre building in Paris, built also on the three arm layout (1955 - 1958).
  • the entrance hall of the administration building BVV from Miroslav Spurný (1958–1960).

Famous artists and hotel Continental

  • the author of the architectural design of the hotel Continental became graduate of Brno Technical UniversityZdeněk Řihák with the main cooperatior Alois Semel.
  • the piety of the place pointed out Zdeněk Řihák by him self, when in cooperation with art historian Zdeňkem Kudělkou and architect Bohuslavem Fuchsem and sculptor George Marcus designed marble plaque at the entrance to the hotel.
  • thick steel vitrages were carved by Čestmír Kafka and Otakar Sivera created ceramic decorations. Authors of glass vitrages are artists from the group TRASA and the most important creators of glass sculptures in Czechoslovakia in the second half of the 20th century Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová.
  • the sculpture entitled the Birds, outdoor concrete sculpture made of wide cast concrete towering to a height of 10 meters, was made by Olbram Zoubek.