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od 1. October 2015Continental Coffee

Exceptional taste, exceptional experience
  • exclusively roasted for hotel Continental
  • freashly roasted 100% Brasilian Arabica
  • made in Brno
  • coffee beans are freshly roasted 3 times a week
  • coffee is delivered in special pockets which are suitable for coffee retention

Our tip

  • weather you stay or not, you can taste freshly roasted coffee during our variety breakfast.

od 1st October 2015Farm products for our breakfast

Breakfast not like the others

Fresh whole cow milk

  • Suitable for all age categories
  • Most important source of calcium in our food
  • Contained lactose ensures a better calcium absorbtion
  • Contains vitamins A, D, E, K
  • Also contains trace elements - zinc, copper and selenium
  • Contains latic acid bacteria, which reduce the duration of action of toxic substances in the intestine
  • stimulatory effect on the immune system
  • reduces the incidence of colon cancer
  • a rich protein source for the muscle growth

Acidified milk

  • high content of lactic cultures for healthy intestinal flora

White yogurt

  • Great source of calcium and vitamin D
  • Contains cultures, which protect intestine e. g. after antibiotic treatment
  • may reduces the incidence of colon cancer

strawberry, apricot and raspberry jam

  • fruit content at least 72%, at the usual jams it is about 8%
  • made right after the harvest
  • high vitamin content
  • rich fiber source

Our tip:

Mix the jam with a random yogurt or acidified milk and you get a flavored drink or yogurt.

od 1st. October 2015Continental cigar

Outstanding cigar for exceptional hotel

Continental set

  • strong, full and slightly spicy taste
  • suitable for experienced cigar smokers

Cohiba Club set

  • a smoke will be appreciated especially by novice cigar smokers
  • wide range of tastes

od 1st July 2015Home made lemonades

Refresh with our summer drinks
  • we produce our own syrups
  • original glass
  • herbs come from our hotel garden


  • strawberry
  • apricot
  • ginger


  • peach with yoghurt
  • strawberry

od 1st July 2015Season pie offer

Traditional czech cuisine season pie
  • Taste our Continental coffee with season pie and let us know, if your pie fits with the coffee!


  • asparagus tart with rhubarb and asparagus ice-cream


  • strawberry tart with chocolate crumb


  • pumpkin pie with elderberry syrup


  • apple pie with dried fruit